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Děčín, Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic, The Bastion Bridge in Germany

I traveled Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic and The Bastion Bridge in Germany recently. Those areas are around the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. It's north of Prague, and south east of Dresden. So, let's see the trav…

Barcelona, Terrassa, Girona, Figueres, Roses and Sitges

Here are the cities I visited in November 2021. I just want to note it not to forget it. Terrassa, Barcelona Stayed for a conference. Abbey of Montserrat Nice view Barcelona city CosmoCaixa Barcelona Science museum. I wanted to join an eve…

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

When you arrive to "Kutná Hora hl.n train" station from other cities, then use a small local train to go to "Kutná Hora město" train station to go to the city centre or use the bus. I recommend the cafe "Dobrá Čajovna Kutná Hora" [1]. I vi…

Pardubice, Czech Republic

I recommend "Galerie Café park restaurant" Galerie Café park restaurant: http://www.galeriecafepardubice.cz/ , Address: Sukova tř. 2876, 530 02 Pardubice I

Náchod and Adršpach, Czech Republic

When I looked for a good place to think, I found this place. Náchod Náchod is a small city but good place to stay to think, buying the healthy foods, going to the restaurants. And it is accessible to Adršpach and from other cities in Czech…

Telč and Třebíč, Czech Republic

Telč Třebíč


Some photos from 2020 early winter travel before COVID-19 lock down. Potsdamer Platz "Rice On! Berlin" [1] in Berlin Hauptbahnhof building. I went 2 times in the travel. :-D References [1] https://www.riceon.de/

Florence, Italy

The photos are from the travel last year.

Rome, Italy and Vatican

The photos are from the travel last year. Rome and Vatican.

Budapest, Hungary

The photos are from the travel last year.

Toledo, Seville and Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

The photos from months ago. Toledo Seville Arcos de la Frontera

Madrid, Spain - Business area

Around Nuevos Ministerios metro station, and Chamartín Railway Station are local or business area. The place was not so crowed. Madrid airport was around 16 minutes from Nuevos Ministerios metro station. Maybe at a bookstore in Madrid airp…

Madrid, Spain - Tourist area, and Toledo

Months ago, I traveled Madrid Spain. That time, the route was Madrid, Toledo, Seville, and Arcos de la Frontera. Madrid - Tourist area The Atocha station is the main train station for the tourist. Museum of Ham (Museo del Jamón) is my favo…

Cambridge UK

Months ago in Cambridge. ADC Theatre, Corpus Playroom [1] and Botanic Garden. [1] https://www.adctheatre.com/

South of Spain

This time, Malaga -> Glranada -> Nerja -> Gibraltar and La Linea de la Concepcion -> Malaga Malaga Glranada Nerja Gibraltar and La Linea de la Concepcion Gibraltar is UK. It's interesting! La Linea de la Concepcion is Spain. It's fun and t…

London, UK

I visited London, and enjoyed live music at theatre and IMAX 2D. Thriller Live at Lyric Theatre China town Christmas Market at Leicester Square ODEON BFI IMAX near Waterloo Station Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridges

Future of Cambridge, UK

I visited to Cambridge, UK for a Bio IT event. In front of station. Under constraction for a building Apartment COSTA near the station Near The Grafton Centre at PRET (Petty Cury street) ADC Theatre Wasabi Spanish restaurant in Mill Road A…

Nanopore Day@EMBL Heidelberg

The reason I visited Heidelberg was because of Nanopore Day, the community event held by Oxford Nanopore Technologies. The event was held at the EMBL office. That was good opportunity to know both EMBL Heidelberg and Nanopore. Easy route i…

Heidelberg, Germany

This time's route: Brno, Czech - bus (student agency) or train - Prague, Czech: 2 hours 40 mins (same time for bus and train) Prague, Czech - bus (Flixbus) - (Germany, Frankfurt - bus (Flixbus) -) Germany, Heidelberg: 7 hours or 8 hours 30…

South of London

From the UK travel 1 month ago. Brighton Seven Sisters Near Brighton Isle of Wight This time the route is Brighton -> (Train) -> Portsmouth and Southsea Station -> (Bus) -> Southsea Hoverport stop -> (Hovercraft) -> Ryde In the island, the…

"The Future Starts Here" in London

I wrote a blog about how attractive "Future starts here" in Victoria and Albert Museum was 2 month ago. Last month I visited there. It was one of the most interesting and affected experience. Let's see the photos together. That is to under…

Camridge, UK

I like Mill Rd in Cambridge, UK. A variety of country's restaurants. Chinese, Korean, African, and etc restaurants.

A bio hackathon - Cambridge UK

Last month, I traveled Cambridge and London again 2nd time this year, then South of London, Brighton and Isle of Wight. I experienced so many things. As it was hard to clear my thoughts by the travel, I was delayed to output it on the blog…

Cambridge, UK

London King's Cross station => Cambridge station => Stansted Airport

Oxford, UK

London Paddington station => Oxford station Oxford station The biggest only shopping mall in Oxford A street A popular Jamaican restaurant A covered market A Market A park

London, UK

Stansted Airport => Train (Stansted Express) => Liverpool station South Kensington station, Museums => Walking => Hyde Park => Walking => Green Park station => KIng's Cross station Around Kings Cross Francis Crick Institute

Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is very good and beautiful place for the sightseeing and relaxing. You can go to the mountain casually and enjoy the nature. It takes around 60 minutes from Lucerne to Zurich. In front of Lucerne main station Mount Pilatus Swiss Mu…

Zug, Switzerland

Zug is a silent city. In Switzerland, tax rate is different for each region. Zug has an advantage for the tax.

Bouldering gym in Basel, Switzerland

B2 - Boulders & Bar Address: Hardstrasse 46, 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland Near Pratteln train station or near tram line 14 Pratteln, Schlossstrasse station. URL: https://www.bzwei.ch/ Price: 20 CHF / 1 time It's not near Basel main station. …

Basel Switzerland facing Germany and France

Basel is interesting city. The city is facing along the border of Germany and France. The area is around the border is very interesting. I can imagine people life is unique. We can easily reach to outside of the border of Switzerland by Ba…