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Děčín, Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic, The Bastion Bridge in Germany

I traveled Bohemian Switzerland in Czech Republic and The Bastion Bridge in Germany recently. Those areas are around the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. It's north of Prague, and south east of Dresden.

So, let's see the travel with photos.

This time I used a hotel at the city called Děčín as it looks convenient to go to Bohemian Switzerland. I moved by train from Prague to Děčín. Then in Děčín, there is the Děčín castle, and Masarykovo námistí, that is a small city area near the castle.

This is Děčín castle. It's easy to use a bus from Děčín hlavní nádraží (Děčín main train station) to Masarykovo námistí. You see a lake around the castle.

This is Pravčická Archway (map), a famous place in Bohemian Switzerland. You can go by bus to Bushaltestelle bus station (map), then walk around 30 minutes? Not sure.

Next is Basteibrücke (The Bastion Bridge)(map) in Germany. You can go by train from Děčín hlavní nádraží to the train station called Kurort Rathen. After arriving at the train station, you need to use a board to go across a river to go to Basteibrücke. There are some restaurants and cafes near the river. I could relax in a restaurant.

So, this is Basteibrücke. I was scared for this high place. But yeah, it's good to experience.