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Heidelberg, Germany

This time's route:

  • Brno, Czech - bus (student agency) or train - Prague, Czech: 2 hours 40 mins (same time for bus and train)
  • Prague, Czech - bus (Flixbus) - (Germany, Frankfurt - bus (Flixbus) -) Germany, Heidelberg: 7 hours or 8 hours 30 mins

Total: 10 or 11 hours! Too far by bus! But it was worth to go.

I recommend Heidelberg if you want to enjoy seeing old Germany building. It's compact sophisticated clean city. I assume this city has good strategy to run the city. For public transportation in Heidelberg. Remember main Heidelberg train station and Bismarckplatz tram/bus station.


Nice cafe f:id:happybirthday:20180923231717j:plain f:id:happybirthday:20180923231752j:plain

Bismarckplatz tram and bus station. This station is a key to go around the Heidelberg. f:id:happybirthday:20180923231839j:plain

Universitätsplatz bus station. This place is also key to go near castle or main street. f:id:happybirthday:20180923232341j:plain

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Night f:id:happybirthday:20180923232724j:plain