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HiFi / ONT genome asssembly pipeline with WDL in ECCB 2022

Last year in 2022, I helped to present the demo for HiFI / ONT (Oxford Nanopore Technology) genome assembly sequencing pipeline on WDL (Workflow Definition Language) in the event ECCB (European Conference on Computing Biology) 2022.

It seems that the recording is available. (the workshop page) So, I updated my past article adding this link.

I would appreciate this opportunity and the people who helped me.


So far, I experienced genome analysis pipelines below.

  • Pipeline with the containers with some Dockerfile files.
  • Pipeline with the Nextflow and nf-core.
  • Pipeline with the Chris project. I developed the pipeline platform rather than a pipeline. This is not about a genome analysis pipeline.
  • Pipeline with WDL (Workflow Definition Language)

Now I feel I want to zoom out the biology and explore something else in biology.

Sweep Bling LP: Typing letters by shorting pins on the controller and caution

Previously I wrote an article about what to do before soldering the DIY keyboard. This article is also about the topic.

Prepare before soldering

Typing letters by shorting pins on the controller

After succeeding in flashing the firmware of the controller. Now next step is that I can type letters by shorting specific pins on the controller. I asked the customer support on Beekeeb, and I got the answer.

In the picture of the pinout of the controller, the way is to short the GND pin (right side) and numbers pin, for example, the "29" pin (right side 2 down of the GND) to type the letter.

When I shorted the GND with the "29" pin, I was able to type "y" x n times.

As a note, the GIPO pins mean the number pins possibly.


Beekeeb support said that the RAW pin should never be shorted to other pins. The RAW pin is also called the VBUS pin, maybe. So, please take care not to do it. In my case, I am not sure about what I did. But as I was able to type the letter and I was able to flash the firmware again for both controllers. Maybe it's time to assemble the keyboard.