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Reflecting on 2023

This article reflects on the last year 2023. This is the 2023 version of my past article about the 2022 version. Note that I can not share some topics here for some reasons such as a private topic, a controversial topic, or a financial topic prohibited from being shared publicly in regulation. This is why I would prioritize my real and in-person experiences more than the online ones. You can check my aritcle about the topic. Some of the ideas come from the book Effortless.

Throwing and cleaning

I would start with this topic. Because this is one of the most important things affecting my life. In 2023, I ended some things that I started around 10 or more than 10 years ago. These were things I was drained with. So, I fixed the root cause. And I am happy now.

  • I stopped using a domain that I took more than 10 years ago.
  • I ended some things that I started around 10 or more than 10 years ago by traveling.
  • I continuously improve my tools by updating them and importantly throwing those. It is related to this article.

Moving to a place where I can achieve with effortless

I moved to a new place where I can be empowered in the summer. I struggled with the regular issues in my previous flat. The new flat is more expensive than my previous flat. But it is well-maintained beautifully. The area is much better with nice, polite, and gentle people that I would like to meet, and there are many nice cafes and restaurants near my flat. I wanted to move to a place where there are inspired people. This is a very interesting and artistic place. The action changing my living place affected me a lot about the quality of my life. I am empowered by living in this flat in this area.

Bio: Genome and biological tests

In 2023, I got the SNPs result of my Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test by the company called Nebula Genomics. Then I tried other genome tests using my genome data.

Then I attended one clinical event in Functional Medicine also called Precision Nutrition or Precision Medicine in Japan. The genome (SNPs) test describes a part of the things related to the human body. Understanding and improving my biological status through biological tests is important. Improving biological conditions is the first priority. Then after that, I can use the results of the SNPs tests to make my health better.

For example, no matter if I have some SNPs affecting some metabolic pathways, and my SNPs are meaningless if I eat unhealthy junk foods. So, first I need to check my body with biological tests and visualize what's happening. Then when I can see my body is okay, I can utilize the result of my SNP tests. This topic is called Functional Medicine, or Precision Nutrition or Precision Medicine. This is not mainstream in the current medical. But there are always new ideas or technologies starting by hidden such in the context of technology life cycle. And I would like to go to the early stage of the ideas or technologies. Remember that the personal computer culture started as a counter-culture by hippies in a place where it is far from the central authority.

I learned a theory or strategy for describing the big picture of biological and genome (SNPs) tests. The MosaicDX is great with some tests and resources. I am learning with this site. I am trying to apply the Organic Acid (OAT) test and IgG Food Map test.

Open source software

I started to work as a co-maintainer for Ruby language's OpenSSL library in a category called FIPS in 2023.

Open source hardware

I had ongoing activities in the Framework community in 2023.

Studying Czech language

In November 2023, I tried the Czech language A2 level examination. Unfortunately, I was not able to pass it. However, I continue to study it.


I was inspired by the book Power vs Force - David Howkins the most in 2023. Affected to the book, I also read books about Mahatma Gandhi and communicated with some people who wanted money on the street.

Memo: BRICS countries

There are changes around BRICS. BRICS (the currently 5 countries) will add the plus 5 countries available from January 1st, 2024.[1][3] Argentina, which was planned to be one of the plus 6 countries, was pulled out of the plans to join the BRICS by the new President, Javier Milei.[2][3] In addition, a total of 14 countries applied to join BRICS. And 19 potential expansion countries.[1]

BRICS: Some of the countries in Asia, South America, Arab, and Africa.