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The European Open Science Cloud was officially launched

When seeing the world, I tend to see it with a frame of Yuval Harari. The consequence of a quite popular futurist predicting the future, and saying the opinion makes the real situation happen affected by the opinion itself.

Yuval Harari's first book Sapiens was published in 2011 in Hebrew and in 2014 in English [1] Then Mark Zuckerberg and other popular people recommended this book. His 2nd book Homo Deus was published in September 2016 in English.

In the end of January 2018, his speech on the main stage of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. In my opinion, this was a key moment when his opinion was commonly known by many people on each country around the world. He said the key was who owns the data, especially bio metric data.

And from this sentence, this is a main content for this article.

In 23 November 2018, The European Open Science Cloud was officially launched according to the web site "The European Open Science Cloud hub" (= EOSC hub) web site [3].

This hub includes not only bio data (managed by Elixir = A community managing bio data now mainly by people in EBI), but also other science data [4]

It seems that EU is ready to manage the centralized data. But the question is where the data is managed at? I could not find the information. But maybe I assume it will be in Switzerland, considering the political situation.

For bio data, in my memory, the world first bio data was managed at EMBL Heiderberg Germany as a ENA (= European Nucleotide Archive) [5], and later then it was moved to EBI (= European Bioinformatics Institute) in Cambridge UK. My guess is the bio data will be moved to Geneva Switzerland, same place with CERN [6] with other science data.

OpenStack vs AWS: comparing the services

I am comparing between OpenStack [1][2] and AWS services. [3] is all the services of OpenStack. [4] is the comparing document.

I have an experience for AWS. But I do not have for OpenStack. The intent to compare those services is to remember OpenStack services easily mapping with AWS services.

Open Stack Name Category Description AWS Name
Nova Compute Compute Service
Zun Compute Containers Service
Qinling Compute Functions Service
Ironic Bare Metal Bare Metal Provisioning Service
Cyborg Bare Metal Accelerators resource management
Swift Storage Object store S3 – Simple Storage Service
Cinder Storage Block Storage EBS – Elastic Block Storage
Manila Storage Shared filesystems
Neutron Networking Networking Networking
Octavia Networking Load balancer ELB (Elastic Load Balancing)?
Designate Networking DNS service Route 53
Keystone Shared Services Identity service IAM Identity and Access Management
Glance Shared Services Image service (AMI) Amazon Machine Image
Barbican Shared Services Key management
Karbor Shared Services Application Data Protection as a Service
Searchlight Shared Services Indexing and Search
Heat Orchestration Orchestration Cloud Formation
Senlin Orchestration Clustering service
Mistral Orchestration Workflow service
Zaqar Orchestration Messaging Service SQS – (Simple Queue Service)
Blazar Orchestration Resource reservation service
Aodh Orchestration Alarming Service
Magnum Workload Provisioning Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning
Sahara Workload Provisioning Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning EMR – (Elastic Map Reduce)
Trove Workload Provisioning Database as a Service RDS
Masakari Application Lifecycle Instances High Availability Service
Murano Application Lifecycle Application Catalog
Solum Application Lifecycle Software Development Lifecycle Automation
Freezer Application Lifecycle Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery
EC2API API Proxies EC2 API proxy
Horizon Web Frontend Dashboard Console
Ceilometer Monitoring Tools Metering & Data Collection Service Cloudwatch
Panko Monitoring Tools Event, Metadata Indexing Service
Monasca Monitoring Tools Monitoring
Watcher Optimization/policy tools Optimization Service
Vitrage Optimization/policy tools Root Cause Analysis service
Congress Optimization/policy tools Governance
Rally Optimization/policy tools Benchmark service
Cloudkitty Billing / Business Logic Billing and chargebacks
Tricircle Multi-Region Tools Networking Automation for Multi-Region Deployments

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