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PacBio HiFi sequencing

When I joined Biohackathon Europe in Barcelona recently, I knew PacBio HiFi (High Fidelity) sequencing technology [1] that is highly accurate long read sequencing by circular consensus long-read [2]. For the long read sequencing, there is Nanopore sequencing by Oxfored Nanopore. So, how is the Nanopore sequencing vs PacBio HiFi sequencing? There are papers [3][4] about the topic.

The PacBio's blog says that the first complete human genome was done by the PacBio HiFi sequencing on their blog [5].

The hifiasm [6] is a software to assemble the PacBio HiFi reads, and it used the Hi-C chromatine interaction (data) [7] to produce a haplotype-resolved assembly without the sequencing of parents [8].