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Daigo Umehara's Lecture at Keio Univerity

In the past, as I shared on the blog [1], I have been inspired by Daigo Umehara who is a pioneer and well-known professional gamer in the world.

I think his talk or focus is about avoiding an approval emotion as extrinsic motivation, and enhancing intrinsic motivation. How the approval emotion prevents us from making a "big" difference and the happiness.

This video of Jiyuna's English interpretation for the Daigo Umehara's Japanese lecture inspired me so much and it looks helpful for me to know how to explain the mindset in English.

I can see this paradigm in Japanese culture, because it is about the the idea of "道" (called Michi or Dou = It's like a path to pursue to raise the mindset). For example , you may know the word Jujutsu (柔術) and Judou (柔道) [2]. Both are recognized as a fighting sports. But Jujutsu is more like a strategy (術). Judou is more like a philosophy to pursue something not caring about an external motivation or a reward. It's a behavior to raise the level of consciousness.

Daigo's Lecture at Keio Univerity (English Interpretation) www.youtube.com

I also found the English translation that is still a part of the entire content. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyai_fZdK_gXYf84vAK6G5x0j19jZ56y4

I think even a greater part is Q and A part after the lecture which is only in the original Japanese video.