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Moving residence is solving several problems

Moving residence is solving several problems at same time.

Recently I moved my apartment. There are 2 purposes mainly.

  1. Moving near office to save the time and simplify my life more.
  2. Moving bright place to get more sunshine for my health.

When starting to live in previous apartment, I had to decide the apartment within 1 or 2 weeks. But this time I could spend a time for 3 months until I find ideal apartment as much as possible. I could have enough time for that.

Now I am living where it takes 5 minutes by foot to the office. And it is on very high floor to get more sun shine. Very bright space! The situation has really been changed. Now I naturally get up early morning at 5am or 6am with sun.

Sky is close. Nature is close. Several other favorites places are close.

Actually I felt that Czech had less sun shine than Spain, Singapore and Japan. Maybe It is truth. But changing the residence makes it much more improved.

Moving residence is an event to change the game.