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Bouldering gym list in Japan, Singapore, Europe



I would recommend 2 gyms in Tokyo.
The web site for the Pump is supporting English.
It looks much better for English speaking persons.

T-Wall Kinshi-tyou

Visited. Big bouldering and lead gym.

Near Kinshi-tyou train station.
My debut place for bouldering.
Good route setting. and papers for route.

Address: 東京都江東区毛利2-10-12

B-Pump Ogikubo

Visited. Near Ogikubo station. Only bouldering maybe.
I do not remember about this gym well.

Address: 東京都杉並区上荻1-24-10

Base Camp Tokyo

Ledendary Yuji Hirayama's bouldering gym.
I have not visited yet. Want to go some day.
It looks popular for world professional boulder players.
However the web site is for only Japanese language.
Address: 3 Chome-10-17 Mukaihara, Itabashi-ku, Tōkyō-to 173-0036, Japan
Access web site:




Visited. Mainly Bouldering, and a little Lead.
There are lessons to improve how to climb.
Wide space. Good route settings.
Here is the best in Singapore for me.

Address: 100 Guillemard Road, Singapore 399718


Climb Asia

Visited. Bouldering and Lead.
Near "Farrer Park" train station.
Nice climbing goods shop in the building.

Address: 60 Tessensohn Road




Climbat La Foixarda

Visited. Closest train station: "Pl. Espanya"
You need to walk at sloping road to this gym.
Both Bouldering, and Lead.
Very nice route setting.
You need to bring your own for the cloth box.
Cafe in the gym, you can drink with climbing books.

Address: Camí de la Foixarda, 14-18, 08038 Barcelona, Spain


Sharma Climbing Gym

Not visited yet. This gym was founded on second half of 2015.
This gym is owned by Chris Sharma!
I must go to this gym.

Address: Carrer Marroc, 206, Barcelona, Spai

Visited in 2016.



Magic Mountain

Visited in 2014.
Bouldering. Nice route settings. Good for beginners.

Address: Böttgerstraße 20-26, 13357 Berlin, Germany



Boulderwelt München Ost

Visited in 2015. Very closed from "München Ost" station.
Big gym for bouldering. Good, and easily understanding route setting.
High recommended.

Address: Friedenstraße 22a, 81671 München, Germany




Boulder Bar Vienna

See this page for detail.


Kletterzentrum Tivoli

Visited in 2015.
Closest bus station: "Stadium". Maybe.
I visited before 1 day of European Champion ship competition in Innsbruck.
I could see One athlete who joined the competition in the gym.
And in 2016, Innsbruck is the event place again. Do not miss it!
Bouldering and Lead.
There are bouldering routes for long distance practicing.
That is nice! My favourite one.

Address: Stadionstraße 1, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria


Czech Republic


Boulder Bar

Visited in 2015.
Closest tram station: "Výstaviště Holešovice"
Closest metro (underground station): "Nádraží Holešovice"

One of the biggest bouldering gym.
Nice route settings.
But I could not understand the grade (V?), and Czech language on the wall.
Bar in the gym. You can enjoy drinking, watching climbing video.

Address: U Výstaviště 11, Prague, Czech Republic


Lokal Blok s.r.o.

Visited in 2015. This gym is very unique.
1st floor: restaurant.
Basement 1: boulder gym.

This is the style like Czech where climbing is popular.

The gym is smaller than above "Boulder Bar".
And no route setting. or small number of route setting.
But access is very nice.
Closest metro (underground train) station: Andel.
"Andel" is one of best area in Prague for me.

Address: Náměstí 14. října 2173/10, Praha 5, Smíchov



HUDY lezecká stěna Brno

Visited in 2015.
North of "Ústřední hřbitov" bus station.
Lead and Bouldering. Almost all Lead area. Bouldering area is small. and no grade description for route settings.
This is very nice place for Lead. Grade description for Lead route.
And very clean room. comfortable.
Goods shop in the building.

Address: Vídeňská 297/99, Brno, Czech Republic

Brno has amazing environment for bouldering.
I know additional 4 climbing gyms there in this small city Brno, though I have not visited yet.


Boulder Centrum VUT

I have visited there. Bouldering gym. Near "Technology park" station.
A little route settings. Many holds that can hold easily for beginners.
Good for beginners and professionals.
I could enjoyed there. But the opening time is so short.

Address: Kolejní 2, Brno, Czech Republic
Boulder centrum VUT Brno - South Moravia

Opening time

  • Mon-Thu: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

When the university is at long vacation season, this gym is not opened.

Flash Boulder Bar

When I tried to go there in 2015. But I could not find at this place. I lost my way. There is likely to bouldering competition there.

You can see "BOULDERING" board below google map photo (the centre part of that.)
Google Maps

Address: Jaroslava Foglara 13, Brno, Czech Republic

Kotelna Borec

Visited in 2015.
This gym is very old, and small. Only boulder wall.
But high level boulders gather there.
Close from centre area of Brno.
No route setting.

Address: Moravské náměstí 754/13, Brno
Around here. I do not know official address. Ask people.
Kounicova sreet. North of "Sušilova" bus station
Note TEL number to arrive there.


Duro Salewa (Klajda group)

Not visited there yet.
Lead and Bouldering

Address: Slaměníkova 1008/23b, 614 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Klajda (Lezecké Centrum Klajda, Klajda group)

Not visited there yet.
Only Lead?

Address: Kulkova 946/30, 614 00 Brno-Maloměřice a Obřany, Czech Republic

OC Olympia Brno (Klajda group)

Not visited there yet.
It looks nice park outside for workout.
But it is little far from the centre of Brno.

Address: U Dálnice 777, 664 42 Modřice, Czech Republic

Korongo boulder club

I have not visited there yet.
This looks bouldering gym.

Address: Štefánikova 551/36A, 612 00 Brno

Lezecká Stěna Dufek - LSD

I have not visited there yet.
This looks Lead gym.

Address: Tyršova, 664 34 Brno, Czech Republicá-Stěna-Dufek-LSD-938604422856918




Visited in 2015.
Closest tram station: "Hoża".
But you can walk from "Centrum" station. Around 500 meter from the station.

By the way, when you stay in Warsaw, metro (underground station) is most reliable. and can understand easily. Use "M1".

Casual cafe in the gym. and route setting is very nice.

Address: Hoża 51, Warsaw, Poland





Visited in 2015.
Fothia has 2 gyms. Bouder gym in the center area. And Lead climbing gym in west area of Zagreb central.
I introduce bouldering gym on this page.

Closest tram station: "Velesajam"
You can go to sports gym area from the trum station.
Here is very very nice. High recommended gym, though little far from centre.
Easily understanding route setting, and grade.
There is lesson plan with coach. Minimum term is 1 month.
Opening time: 3PM to 10 or 11PM.
There is national competition there.
This gym is the best in Yugo countries.

Address: 25. pav., 10000 Zagreb, Croatia



Climbing Center Marulianus

Address: Kaštelanska ul., 21000, Split, Croatia

Visited in 2015. But only outside of the gym.
When I visited this gym, unfortunately it was holiday.




First Belgrade Gym

Visited in 2015.
This bouldering gym (No Leading) is in the school.
School's basement 1 floor.
Opening hour is from 9PM to 11PM everyday.

No clothing box in the gym.
And Common changing room for male and female.
And no route setting.
But one gym's staff told me this is best in Belgrade.
Good access from old city central area.

Below looks the web site.
But no information about climbing.

Address: 1. beogradska gimnazija (First Belgrade Gymnasium)


One gym in the school (New Belgrade area)

Visited in 2015. Only bouldering.
It is in one school.
Opening time is from 9PM to 11PM everyday. After kid's bouldering lesson.

I could not find official web site.
But below looks the gym's photos.

Near "Blok 23" bus station.

Address: Osnovna škola „Laza Kostić“


Penjački centar Granit

I have never visited there yet.
Old Belgrade area. little far from old Belgrade area.
Address: Takovska 41, Belgrade, Serbia



1st Sliema Scout Group (Bernard's Own)

When I visited there, it was closed.
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7PM -

Address: Depiro Street, Sliema SLM2087, Malta




Arch Climbing Wall

Visited in 2015.
This climbing gym is very big, and very nice.
Red color (Biscuit), and Blue color (Building one) are close for each other.
Blue gym is newer than red. and more crowed.

Only bouldering. Box for clothes. No changing room for red gym? maybe. I forget detail.
Blue gym has small changing room.
Very nice route setting, and can understand grade easily.

Photos: See this page for detail: