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The cave "Punkevní jeskyně" in Brno, Czech Republic

Brno station - train (30 mins) -> Blansko station Blansko station - bus (once in 2 hours!!) -> Punkevní jeskyněIf I had a car, it was much easier to go there. But it was a great experience.Please take note that you need reservation with em…

Bouldering Gym near Technology Park

Address: Kolejní 2905/2, 612 00 Brno, Czech Republic The route setting is in small area, but nice.Monday to Thursday, from 4pm or 5pm to 7pm or 8pm. I forgot it.

Vietnam culture area in Brno, Czech Republic

There is a area for Vietnamese in Brno.There is Vietnam restaurant in this area. It was best Vietnamese restaurant in Brno.Vietnamská tržnice - Olomoucká (Near Olomoucká Bus station) Address: 430, 627 00 Brno-Černovice