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Aging biology: A small change for big changes

The paper "The hallmarks of Aging" cited, reviewed and verified by many researchers. A book about scientist mindset I am reading, suggests that publishing just one paper to change a paradigm rather than publishing many papers to verify some things. It's about a phase of marketing trend: innovator, early adapter, and late majority. This suggestion is author's desire to work in a phase of innovator. And I agree on it. It''s not only research work but also other works too. I want to do what only I can or have to do. I can say this is a small change to trigger big changes.

I assume this paper by same author of "The Hallmarks of Aging" in 2020 aimed new paradigm of the health.

Hallmarks of Health, 2020, Carlos López-Otín, Guido Kroemer: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33340459/

One of small changes for big changes is to democratize aging biology. The following Youtube channel is amazing. Anyone can join for free, and learn deeper things with science papers. It's my compass to learn aging biology. Even more amazing thing is this channel's author is trying to create a community. 25.4 K subscribers! I knew this channel by a Nature Aging's article.

The Sheekey Science Show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKl77olDWKJTCpAMMFCRsA