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Wateched The Linguistic Genius of Babies

Today what I learned from below video in English lesson is

I understood why my listening to English is so hard to me :) Taking the statistics of sounds from English and Japanese language, Japanese language does not have sounds like English’s Ls and Rs. That’s the reason of that.

Promoting baby’s language skill, speaking them in the language is important. Not audio program but speaking them in person is important. Because using many areas in the brain during the learning is important.

Using 5 senses is important.

I guess that keeping touch with not only the sounds of languages, but also several music with several sound wave lengths is important to distinguish them.

I have grown listening classical musics from baby. So, listening them inspires me. But For some people listening the musics may make them just sleepy.

This may be also related to that it’s hard for me to distinguish European local people’s appearance.

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies | TED Talk