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The World first portable genome sequencing device MinION supporting Linux

This is not new information. I just found it today.

Oxford Nanopore mobile portable genome sequencer MinION is supporting not only Windows and Mac but also Ubuntu Linux partly! [1][2]

MinION Video:

I want it and want to go to the workshop in Oxford.

Bio industry and current Open Source IT industry have similar analogy.

Bio industry has community and open bio foundation. Bio industry has genome sequencer, this is like Operation System connecting from raw data to digital data. The source is open source. Though it might not all the source. There are many open bio tools. And open bio databases.

GA4GH is trying to manage 60 million human data until 2025. [3] According to Yuval Harari's talk in World Economic Forum 2018, he predicted that people would open their own biometrics data for their better health in the future.