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Japanese restaurant and shop in Brno, Czech Republic

I did not expect there were Japanese food goods shop in Brno.
Now I do not need to go to Vienna, Austria to buy those things.

Actually I found it 3 months ago from Google Map Search, but I could not reach it. I thought it has already been closed, and not working any more.

Koishi shop (Japanese food, goods shop)


Koishi shop is the back of the small street near Koishi restaurant.
You might be hard to find it.

I like Japanese brown rice(玄米) especially "発芽玄米" and sesame-salt mix.
I was lucky. Japanese white rice and brown gonna come to the shop regulary.


Opening time: Monday to Saturday 10:00 - 18:00

There is also EC site for Koishi too.

Japanese brown rice, and sesami-salt is essential for Japanese organic vegetarian food. You will see its restaurant in Zagreb, Croatia. My favorite restaurant.

Japanese rice, how to cook it.

Also I like sesame-salt mix in Ootoya. (Japanese page)

To cook Japanese rice easily, and tasty.
It is good to by rice cooker, especially supporting brown rice too.

I highly recommend "Zojirushi". You can buy it on Amazon UK or Amazon Germany.

Japanese food distributor in Europe

When I bought Japanese brown rice, I found the distributor company on the box.


> Our branch offices in Düsseldorf (Germany), London (United Kingdom),
Paris (France) and Vienna (Austria) supply restaurants, retailers and other companies involved in the food and catering industry throughout Europe.

Düsseldorf, London, Paris, Vienna
These places are consistent with popular ones for Japanese restaurants.

But no Warsaw and Krakow?