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How to delete Facebook account completely

Just I deleted my Facebook account, after 24 hours when I announced it on Facebook.

If the friend of mine see this page, I have to say again that you can contact with me by Skype or mail.

This was the thing that I thought I have to do it since half years ago, or more.

  • To focus to real life.
  • To reduce the amount of the information inputted from internet.

The Facebook had been too excess for me.

Dear Facebook friends.
I am looking forward to meeting you some day in person, by face to face, again.

So, this is the English page for how to delete your account completely.
How To Delete Your Facebook Account (Completely) | Ubergizmo

This is the Japanese page for that, that I referred.
Facebook アカウントを完全削除して退会する方法 -

The points are that
1. "deactivate" and "delete" are different. Simple way that you may see on internet web site, is about deactivate. Do not mistake it.
2. After deleting, for 14 days, you do not login to Facebook including Facebook login. If you login, your Facebook account is recovered. Be patient.