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Bouldering gym and park near Centrum, Warsaw, Poland

This week, I am staying in Budapest, Hungary.

But today I will post about the memory about Warsaw, Poland, last week.

One of my fun thing during this trip is to go to bouldering gym (climbing gym) for each city.

On this trip, I went to bouldering gym in

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Munich, Germany
  • Innsbruck, Austria
  • Prague, Czech Republic

These bouldering gyms has unique features.

I went to "Crux Boulder - Ściana Wspinaczkowa" in Warsaw. You can search this place on Google Map.
This gym's closet statin is Centrum metro station. This is in south west area of the station. Maybe 7 mins by walking from the station.

This climbing gym has cafe inside. and chalk is free.
Each wall problem's difficulty is easy to understand.

And the park "II Ogród Jordanowski, Warszawa, Poland".
This park is also wonderful.
It has training tools. and cafe inside.

And Japanese restaurant is popular on this city, though it is expensive.

Crux Boulder

II Ogród Jordanowski Park

Cafe inside the park

National Museum

Exhibition room in the Museum

Japan exhibition in Warsaw Museum

Japanese restaurant in Warsaw