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Framework Laptop: How to run concole when GDM is not starting

This article is about a solution when GDM is not start.

Here is a thread I created for this topic: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/the-best-practice-when-facing-gdm-not-starting/20789

When I will face GDM not starting next time,

  • Select different kernel from boot menu.
  • Type Ctrl+Alt+F N (N >= 2) on GDM. Then the display is changed to console with ttyN. Then I can run some commands to find a solution to fix GDM. And type Ctrl+Alt+F1 to return the GDM after fixing a problem by running commands.

How to change font size on console.

I referred this link: https://ask.fedoraproject.org/t/hwo-to-increase-the-size-of-tty-font/2604. This example is to use the font /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts/LatGrkCyr-12x22.psfu.gz as a console.

Update the line below.

$ vi /etc/vconsole.conf

Update the kernel parameter.

$ sudo grubby --update-kernel=ALL --args=vconsole.font=LatGrkCyr-12x22
$ sudo grubby --info=ALL


$ sudo reboot

If you want to revert the change, run this command.

$ sudo grubby --update-kernel=ALL --remove-args=vconsole.font