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Czech National Library of Technology in Prague & DIY Bio

Today I visited Czech National Library of Technology [1] in Prague 6 to make my study fun. It was a big building with 6 floors. It looks like a good environment to study. It opens every day. I saw many students studying there.

There are areas for biology on both 3th floor and 5th floor.

  • 3rd floor: Chemical technology. I found some bioinformatics books there.
  • 5th floor: Biology, Medicine. I found a famous book "The Cell", an expensive book there, and an interesting anatomy book.

From Monday to Friday, paid magazines such as Nature and Science etc are available for free. And it seems people can access the paid theses network after registering [6]. Interesting to read "Nature Complete". Want to read the theses in Nature Aging [7].

Updated at 7th March 2022: I registered, and now it seems that it's possible to access and download e-resource via the page [6] including all the articles in Nature and Nature Aging. I also checked journal magazines off line on the 3rd floor. I am really happy for that.

DIY Bio Movement

An interesting book I found and read on the 3rd floor is "Introduction to Biotechnology - William J. Thieman" [2]. There is a chapter about "The Do-It-Yourself Biotechnology Movement". There are 2 useful websites about it [3][4]. In [4], there is a site for local diy bio communities. One in Cambridge, UK is where I visited once. Ones in Prague and Barcelona are interesting to me.