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Ketogenic diet

Seeing my photos on the previous blog page, I feel that I rarely take photos that I am on, especially the full body photo is very rare. Here is a photo of my full body in 2015.

Comparing the photos of between past and now, I see my appearance is a little changed. I have improved what and how to eat for my health and for my brain. Now I am practicing a kind of ketogenic diet. That is basically to eat more fat (and protein and vegetables that don't include carbs) and no or less carbohydrates (carbs). No sugar. As a result, the jeans size (EU) is from the size 32 to 28. The 28 is still big for my waist circumference. It's by the limitation of my thighs. The actual waist size is 78cm by measuring it now.

So, here is my update about how to eat since my previous report in 2020.

What I am eating are

  • Fat: The base of the ketogenic diet. The energy is created from the fat in the ketone mode. I take 50g ~ 100g from mainly from organic butter, meat (organic beef) and nuts, olive oil/olives and avocado. The grass fed butter is ideal. But as far as I know, the grass fed beef is not used for the butter in the system of the manufacturer in Czech Republic according to a person. It's fun to find and try a variety of butters in organic shops.
  • Fat and protein: Beef or chicken: Now mainly in a restaurant at lunch. I choose the restaurant, caring gluten free. The menu describing allergies shows how the restaurant care about it.
  • Protein: From soy beans, nattou, tohu.
  • Dietary fiber: I takes it from leaf vegetables, not the vegetables like potatoes including starch. Also I takes it from nuts (almonds and peanuts, macademia nuts).
  • Carbs: I only takes it from a brown rice. Not every day. I feel the brown rice doesn't increase my blood sugar level. It's around 75 g per day. No gluten and no casein except from a butter. A butter's casein is very little. The butter is good to take a fat.

  • Mineral: Seaweed, Magnesium supplement.

  • Vitamin D3 supplement.
  • Detox: Psyllium, clay.

What I am not eating are

  • Sugar: I don't eat fruits too. I also don't eat nuts whose sugar level is high such as cashew nuts.
  • Carbs: I don't eat everything except a brown rice. I also avoid gluten and wheat as much as possible.

I don't eat breakfast. At lunch I eat more. And at dinner eat less. And eat nuts or a butter soup when I feel hungry between lunch and dinner.

Now I am living in Prague. Some areas in Prague is very good to stay healthy. Where I am living has several good organic shops.