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The best devices/apps 2020

As a 2nd part of my reflection in 2020, I share my best devices and apps I bought in 2020.


Fairphone 3 [1]

When I wanted to buy the battery replaceable phone that users can replace it easily by themselves, this phone attracted me. This phone is also open source app friendly. The Fairphone is an advanced company whose mission is to reduce e-waste. Their business model is unlike other phone companies making users replace new devices. The company provides not only Android but also Alternative OS installed phone. The community is active. People can install a Linux based OS by themselves. The company heard user's opinions.

MinION [2]

I bought the MinION, the world first portable genome sequencing device finally in 2020. Mainly to access to the knowledge base and community. I have not run the device by myself yet. But it's a good investment.


Good Notes 5 [3]

I am using this app on my iPad with a specific pen I bought on Amazone.de. I find I might not need to buy the paper notes any more. It's portable. It's a life changer.