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Install podman & useful podman commands

I would show you how to install podman the alternative docker. The difference between docker and podman is

  • docker: Running the docker daemon to operate the containers.
  • podman: Do not need to run a daemon to operate the containers. As a initial setting, users need to run it by root authority. But after a setting, they can use podman from user authority. That's useful.

How to install and run podman with rootless

On Fedora

$ sudo dnf install -y podman

Then to run podman from user authority, add below lines to the files

$ cat /etc/subuid
$ cat /etc/subgid

Useful podman commands

There a compatibility between them, just replacing docker something with podman something. But podman does not support docker-compose.

The specific useful commands too. --debug option for podman info is podman specific.

$ podman info --debug