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Install Debian 9 and how to report a bug

I wanted to report a request for feature to bowtie2 package on Debian project Checking and asking how to report a bug to the bug tracking system (= BTS) on the project, it seems 2 ways.

  1. One is to send a report by email (
  2. Another is to send a report by reportbug command. Internally it sends email.

As "2." looks recommended, and I could not find how to report by "1", I installed Debian, and install the reportbug command, and reported it.

Here is the log.

Install Debian 9

The latest stable version is Debian 9. Install it on VirtualBox.

I referred below video about how to install it. How to Install Debian 9 on VirtualBox - YouTube

Live CD with the normal installation is useful. Download debian-live-9.8.0-amd64-gnome.iso.

Create new virtual OS image, then set the iso image at Settings - Storage. Select Graphical Installer.

Input below items, and etc.

Hostname: debian
Netowrk: debian.local
Real name: XXX YYY
User: automatically decided by the name.

Then install basic packages.

# apt-get install vim git
# apt-get install reportbug
# which reportbug

How to report a bug by reportbug

$ reportbug --help
Usage: reportbug [options] <pacakge | filename>

Create the configuration file ~/.reportbugrc, settng name and email, and etc. Select GUI (gtk) version as the reportbug interface.

$ reportbug --configure

After typing below command, the GUI window is launched.

$ reportbug -s "bowtie2 arm 64 (aarch64) package" bowtie2


After sending the report, you will receive an email from the bug tracking system.

My first reporting issue on the Debian BTS.

In case of Ubuntu, as the BTS web interface is prepared, it is easier.