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Visualization is a key for learning

I realized it recently.

I am saving my memory's main structure as an image. It is something like the

  1. Tree trunk: saving as an image or sense.
  2. Small branches and leaves: saving as an text.

To get information from my brain. Maybe I am accessing to 1. at first. Then if needed, accessing to 2. That's a reason to save much information in my brain.

Designing new product, imaging the structure has been the key.

In fact, I am planning year resolution every year. The trunk is saved as image files in my PC. I can image my plan in this year seeing it. And that has been effective way for me.

When I realized this fact, I started to use this way to AI/Machine Learning area, and Genomics area.

About AI/Machine Learning area,

Searching this kind of book with the key words "Graphic or Visual or Machine Learning", and etc, I found below 2 books about Machine Learning and Deep Learning. (Japanese language).

TickTack World

Very sensible books. Amazing. Outstanding book. Author is sensible for not only AI/Machine Learning, also sensible for copy writing and other areas. Maybe he is good at understanding a key feature amount from a phenomenon and information.

As a result, from those books, still reading, but I could understand the concept roughly. Well, I have the experience for the area, but I could not understand it well.

As my next action, I want to dig Deep Learning and Neural Network for Natural Language Processing.

About Genomics area, I bought several books in Amazon and did read those. My favorite books are "Newton" that is Japanese Graphic Science Book. There are the Kindle versions. Those help me.

Great videos and the Youtube channel. That visual is fun. And the explanation is sensible.