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Install Python 2.7.13 from source on Mac


Continuing from previous article. $ cd ~/hg/cpython Check latest version in v2.x. v2.7.13 is latest version for that. $ hg tags | grep 'v2\.7' Below command hg update -r something is like a git checkout something. $ hg update -r v2.7.13 31…

Download cpytyon with Mercurial


I wanted to compile python from source code, reading a document[1]. However I was failed to do it last time. [2] hg clone was failed because of the issue. It may be because of my PC’s poor memory environment. $ hg clone https://hg.python.o…

Mercurial training


I started to use Mercurial that is another source code management (SCM) tool such as Git. Nowadays there are many SCM tools, such as CVS, SVN, VSS, Git, Mercurial. CVS, SVN, and VSS is central repository management tool. Those are already …

Git Tips


I will summarize tips that I learned after reading a Git book. git describe Show the most recent tag that is reachable from a commit For example, we know a commit hash that a bug was fixed. And we can find fixed version base on the commit …