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Static Analysis Tools for Ruby on Mac


Summary Try below Ruby static analysis tools. Rubocop: Check Ruby code by Rudy Style Guide. Reek: The tool which find bad smell that may (but not necessarily do) indicate a deeper problem. Brakeman: A vulnerability scanner for Ruby and Rai…

Static Analysis Tools for C language on Mac


Try to use static analysis tools for C language on Mac, such as Perl's Perl::Critic, PHP's phpcs.Tried Clang Static Analyzer, and Splint. Clang Static Analyzer A lint tool for Mac, and UNIX platform. Install Download checker-NNN.tar.bz2 fi…

Boot processes on Fedora Linux 23


Fedora 23 is using GRUB2 as boot loader, and systemd that was replaced from SysV Init Script.Maybe because of systemd, the Linux's boot is very faster than past Fedora Linux (Fedora Core 2 or 3) that I used past time.Today I want to write …