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The day of changing the context of capitalism

I think that the important context of the present capitalism is sustainable growth.

It is a scaffold of today's education, values and people's behavior in many regions. Growth is an encouraged value in the regions, but it was not always encouraged in a past time, and it is not encouraged everywhere today.

As a new technology creates and expands a market, the capitalism encourages new technologies, and make our life move forward, and convenient.

I think the challenge is sometimes a company needs to make a decision to prioritize them against solving a human's big problem straight forward.

But it might be changing now. A sustainable growth might at least not be the most prioritized context of the capitalism any more.

Did "The Future of Capitalism": The Future of Capitalism - Paul Collier - Hardcover give an affection for the decision?

"Milton Friedman" is introduced in both above BBC article and a review of the book. I do not think it is coincidence.

Added to this is an increasingly simplified notion of the firm. Based on the ideas of Milton Friedman, the firm is supposed to solely maximize profits. Any responsibilities outside of this to its employees/consumers is ignored.

I also remember below part of the video in Davos Forum 2019 shows how companies are balancing their mission and financial result (sustainable growth).

Davos 2019 - Business Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution - YouTube

19, August, 2019.

Let's remember this date. It might be a big event in our life.