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EMBL-EBI resources: An introduction

I watched this video today.

Introduction to EMBL EBI resources

Literally this video is great to understand the data sources in the view of bird eyes. The detail page is here [1].

EBI Search

Example: Search by the gene name: "BRCA1".

  1. Go to EBI's top page. [2]
  2. Search "BRCA1" (= gene name) on the text field "Find a gene, protein or chemical".

    f:id:happybirthday:20181001051842p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI

  3. Move to "Search results for BRCA1" page.

    f:id:happybirthday:20181001051941p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI

  4. Click "Gene & protein summaries" > "BRCA1, DNA repair associated" link.
  5. Move to "Gene & protein summary for BRCA1" page. (

    Gene f:id:happybirthday:20181001052012p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI

  6. Click Expression button.

    Expression f:id:happybirthday:20181001052033p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI

  7. Click Protein Structure button.

    Protein Structure f:id:happybirthday:20181001052043p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI

Europe PMC

Europe PMC = PubMed Central connected with EBI's databases. [3]

10th Anniversary Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt URL is here. [4] It seems that it is the fun content to learn the EBI's data resources.

f:id:happybirthday:20181001052642p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI - 10th Anniversary Treasure Hunt [4]

Below image is great to know the resources in bird-eyes view.

f:id:happybirthday:20181014222254p:plain Image source: EMBL-EBI - 10th Anniversary Treasure Hunt [5]