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Reading "実験医学" as e-book

It is no doubt that Amazon and the Kindle store have changed how to read books. Nowadays, people can easily buy and read not only books in their region but also English books, and other books in any region around the world, if those books are in Amazon.

Nowadays people can buy and read English book more easily than before with good translation feature in Kindle. This is revolutionary.

But some books in Japan are still not available in Amazon Kindle store. I guess that this is intentional to protect something.

"実験医学" The healthcare magazine series published in Japan are not available in Kindle store, but available in several Japan book stores supporting e-book. The book looks great magazine to know what's happening in healthcare industry.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies's sequencer is in the articles of "実験医学" January 2018 with detailed information.

Let me share the best practice to buy and read the books on e-books, after I researched it.

That is to buy e-book at "Kinokuniya", and read on "Kinoppy" application.

The web sites and application are Japanese. Obviously Kinokuniya covers the niche market, that is Japanese people living in foreign countries. Thank you, Kinokuniya. The application supports Windows/Mac/Android/iOS. The quality of the application is very good.