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Bouldering gym in Basel, Switzerland

B2 - Boulders & Bar

  • Address: Hardstrasse 46, 4133 Pratteln, Switzerland
  • Near Pratteln train station or near tram line 14 Pratteln, Schlossstrasse station.
  • URL:
  • Price: 20 CHF / 1 time

It's not near Basel main station. Have to walk a little bit from Prattln station. But this is one of the best gyms in Europe. Clear grade with color. And 2 floors indoor for bouldering + outside wall near the gate. I love it.

Gate + boulder wall. f:id:happybirthday:20180413051347j:plain

Ground floor The wall looks for competition. f:id:happybirthday:20180413051449j:plain f:id:happybirthday:20180413051555j:plain f:id:happybirthday:20180413051502j:plain f:id:happybirthday:20180413051614j:plain

1st floor is for changing room in my memory.

2nd floor The wall makes me imagine natural rocks. f:id:happybirthday:20180413051722j:plain