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Upgrade Fedora 24 to 25

Yesterday I upgraded Fedora 24 to 25 reading below article that I used last time. [1]

Unfortunately I have faced several issues after that. I want to take note for that here.

There are some articles about Upgrading Fedora [2][3]. Later I want to check these articles.

But today I want to write especially about a issue “Can not boot”, that I solved today.

The situation is I have used official docker RPM package (package name is docker-engine). Because the Fedora docker RPM package (package name is docker) is older version. It is Fedora official, but unofficial package for the vendor Docker. I could not use some new features.

But another package on Fedora needs Fedora docker as the dependency. So, I have to remove official docker, and install unofficial docker (= Unofficial for the vendor Docker).

$ sudo dnf remove docker-engine

Then I got an error.

$ sudo dnf install docker
Failed to obtain the transaction lock (logged in as: root)

The solution was [5].

In my case with same problem is solved by doing following steps: 1. dnf clean all 2. Restart the system.

However I restarted the system. It started and freezed in login processing page.

I typed “Ctrl, Alt + BS key” to change to CUI console.

And I got below error.

[!!!!!!] Failed to load SELinux policy, freezing.

I needed to login with single user mode, and SELinux off.

Seeing this article [6], ran below operations.

  1. Press “e” on grub starting page.
  2. Append “selinux=0 single” at end of linux16 command.

One possibility for that issue is from upgrading to 25. And saw article [2]. Then ran, and rebooted. And still does not work.

$ sudo touch /.autorelabel

Another possibility for the issue is that Docker was using SELinux related packages as the dependency.

Finally I disabled SELinux. and reboot. It works.

# vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux

I always want to see boot log on Fedora Linux booting page. I want to look for the settings for that.