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Lab in London, Google & Death

Just memo for myself.

Super lab opens in London

This news issued this month.

Francis Crick Institute

Crick is of Watson & Crick DNA helix model.

The lab is near KingsCross station. Also DeepMind office is near KingsCross station. That is a interesting common fact. Maybe KingsCross is a better accessible place in London. For example from Stansted airport, also from Cambridge.

Google CEO launched the company to expand life span

This news issued in 2013. Google launched "Calico" to expand life span. But it is remarkable.

Because 23andme has spread "Direct to consumer gene test", Google DeepMind has spread AI, machine learning and deep learning. As a result, those facts causes money and people aggregated to those industries. So, "Calico" may make like those situation in the future for Aging industry. I am happy that Google started their business in the industry.

Google Calico and SENS de Gray

Finally I would like to introduce a video that de Gray's talk in Google. That is a collaboration of SENS and Google Calico.