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Genome Editing, Open Strategy, Anti-Aging

Summary about Genome Editing.

Genome Editing & the Engineering tools.

Editing Genome was hard, and unreliable work, though the engineering tools, ZFN (Zinc finger nucleases), TALEN (transcription-activator like effector nucleases) have been used.

However since a new Gnome Editing tool in 2012, the category has been developing quickly. The new tool is CRISPR Cas System (CRISPR Cas9).

A scientist in Broad Institute [1], reported it in 2012, in Boston, USA.
Also there is a EC site AddGene [2] about several version (over than 100) of CRISPER Cas9. AddGene is amazing. The new version is contributed by the scientists in the world. Because they can buy it from the site with very very cheap price. Need to pay expensive price to use it for the business.
This model is kine of Open Strategy. AddGene is also in Boston, USA.

Boston, California, and London look big 3 cities for the Genomics.

Merits of CRISPR Cas technology.

  • Edit exact target position of the genome. Break exact specified position genome with CRISPR Cas and Guide RNA, and also insert with generated DNA.
  • Easy. Scientist can use easily if they have basic experience for the bio-system category.
  • Reliable. Success rate is 20, 30%.
  • Can use for many kind of creature.

Open Strategy for the Genomics

The case of AddGene is success case for Open Strategy & Genome.
And also sharing genome data between scientists and doctors in the world, is what we achieve.

GA4GH (Genome Alliance for Genomics and Health) [3] is the key project for me.
I found a Google person in the project.

Google and Genomics

The Google's activity for the Genomics is sometimes remarkable.
GA4GH, it is the kind of upstream of Genome Analysis.
Google Deep Mind started to work with NHS. [4]
And as you may know, 23andme and Google are in closer relation, there is a platform for biologists, "Google Genomics".

Anti-aging and genome editing.

The length of Telomere G-Tail can be a bio-marker to know the actual age. [5][6]
Young person: the length is longer.
Old person: the length is shorter.

If we can breaking a gene to shorten the length of Telomere G-Tail with the genome editing, anti-aging must be improved.

Finally I would like to share below TED presentation about the CRISPR.

and [7] too.

[1] The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
[2] AddGene
[3] GA4GH