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Czech Life: EC shop & shopping mall in Brno

Today I will introduce EC site for Czech Life, and Shopping mall for Brno.

In Brno in Czech, it is harder to find what you want in Brno, than Japan.
So, convenient way is to use EC site.

EC site

Amazon Ge (Germany)

This site is supporting German and English.
If you have an account in Amazon, you can access to below URL and change site language to English.

Amazon UK and JP site's product sometimes does not support to ship to Czech.
Amazon Ge looks better.

Mall CZ

My Czech friend introduced this web site.
This site looks good to buy general products.
But it looks only Czech language.
I have never used it right now.

Alza CZ

This site looks good to buy electric appliances.
I have never used it right now.

Shopping mall


Velky Špalíček

This shopping is at west of the central city, in the city.
Shopping mall is smaller. but it is close from central.
And it looks popular for local people.
I like vegetarian restaurant and cinema in this shopping mall.

Address: Mečová 695/2, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic


This shopping mall is close from Brno train station. and in front of Úzká tram station. The access is very nice.
Good to buy clothes, foods, small products.
But not good to buy electric appliances, and furniture.
It is the best in the central of the city.

Address: Ve Vaňkovce 462/1, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

OC Olympia Brno

The biggest shopping mall in Brno.
Use bus from Úzká station to go there.
Very fun!
There is big electric appliances shop, shop like a IKEA, and restaurants.
Cinema in the shopping mall.

Address: U Dálnice 777, 664 42 Modřice
Olympia Brno - nákupní a zábavní centrum

AVION Shopping Park

This shopping mall is in the south of the city.
Need to use bus from Úzká station to go there.
There is IKEA next to this shopping mall.
If you want to use IKEA, it is good to go there.

But otherwise I will recommend to go OC Olympia Brno

Address: Skandinávká, Skandinávská 128/2, 619 00 Brno

Obchodní dům Vágner

Near Ceska tram station.
It looks old shopping mall.
But it is good to buy small goods.

Address: Česká 151/16, 602 00 Brno