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Czech lesson - whose?

Whose is it? (Čí je to?)

male noun = m, female noun = f, neutral noun = n


  1. This is my foo.
    • To je můj foo (m).
    • To je moje/má foo (f).
    • To je moje/mé foo (n).
  2. This is your foo.
    • To je tvůj foo (m).
    • To je tvůje/tvá foo (f).
    • To je tvůje/tvé foo (n).
    • This is his foo. / To je jeho foo.
    • This is her foo. / To je její foo.
    • This is its foo. / To je její foo.


  1. This is our foo.
    • To je náš foo (m).
    • To je naše foo (f, n).
  2. This is your foo.
    • To je váš foo (m).
    • To je vaše foo (f, n).
  3. This is thier foo.
    • To je jejich foo.

Whose is this foo?

  • Či je TEN banán (m)? / Whose is this banana?
  • Či je TA káva (f)? / Whose is this coffee?
  • Či je TO auto (n)? / Whose is this car?