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Vim command cheat list

My Vim Manual

Sorry Vim. I have used you many times, for a long time.
But I did not understand you deeply.
Now it is time to do it.


  • Basic: :help
  • About Normal Mode: :help x
  • About Visual Mode: :help v_u
  • Grep: :helpgrep word

File open/close

  • Open new file: :e file_path
  • Save as a new file: :w file_path
  • open file with finding file. : :find file_path [enter] at directory. and search manually.

Moving page

  • Forward: Ctrl+]
  • Back: Ctrl+t or Ctrl+o
  • Enable mouse to jump: :set mouse=a => Enable mouse to jump for only xterm and GUI.

Moving cursor

  • N moving key, such as 3, j => Move 3 to buttom.
  • Top of line: ^
  • End of line: $
  • Middle of line: gm
  • Find and go to char position: N f{char}
  • Move to line N: N G, or :N (default last line)
  • Move to line N: N gg, or :N (default first line)
  • Word forward: N w
  • Word forward (blank skip): N W
  • Move to Middle of v lines: M
  • Move to Nth line from the buttom. : N L
  • Paging down: Ctrl+f
  • Paging up: Ctrl+b
  • Paging down (1/2 window): Ctrl+
  • Paging up (1/2 window): Ctrl+u
  • Current line at top of window. : zt
  • Current line at center of window. : zz
  • Current line at buttom of window. : zb

Inserting text

  • Insert to new line below N line of current line: o
  • Insert to new line above N line of current line: O
  • Insert the contents of [file]: :r [file]
  • Insert the contents of {command}: :r! {command}

Changing text

  • Change N words: c N w
  • Change N lines: [N] S

Replacing text

  • :s/{pattern}/{string}/[g][c]

Pattern Search

  • Repeat last search: /

Marks and motions

  • Do mark: m{a-zA-Z}

Below in the case of mark character: "a".

  • Move to mark: ma
  • Print marks lines: :marks


Print tag list: :tags

Moving page

  • Forward: Ctrl+]
  • Back: Ctrl+t

Key mapping

  • map {lhs} {rhs}: map {lhs} to {rhs} in Normal and Visual mode.
  • map! {lhs} {rhs}: map {lhs} to {rhs} in Insert and Command mode.

Split Window


vim -o file1 fileN
Open N files by N windows

vim -o2 file1 fileN
Open N files by 2 windows

  • Split: Ctrl+w, s or :split
  • Vertical Split: Ctrl+w, v or :vsplit
  • Split and New: Ctrl+w, n or :new
  • Virtically Split and New: :vnew
  • Split and View (read only) {file}: :sview {file}
  • List buffers: :ls
  • Delete buffer: :bd or :bw

  • Move button: Ctrl+w, j
  • Move top: Ctrl+w, j
  • Move left: Ctrl+w, h
  • Move right: Ctrl+w, l
  • Move below/right: Ctrl+w, w
  • Move above/left: Ctrl+w, W
  • Rotate windows: Ctrl+w, r
  • Exchange current window with next one.: Ctrl+w, x

Window resizing

  • Equal: Ctrl+w, =
  • Smaller: Ctrl+w, [N]-
  • Bigger: Ctrl+w, [N]+
  • Change N lines of the window: Ctrl+w, [N]_

Argument and buffer list commands

  • :ls
  • :buffers
  • display number of buffer: :args
  • :bn or :bN
  • Open buffer N: :buffer N

Tab Page

  • New tab: :tabnew file_name
  • Next tab: gt
  • Prev tab: gT

Visual mode