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Festival of Genomics London

I visited "Festival of Genomics London" in ExCel London Exhibition Centre, at January 20th, 21st, 2016.

Genomics is one of my hobby.


My impressed points

  • Climax of Cambridge and Genome Campus in Hinxton, south of Cambridge are the centre of Genomics industry.
    • UK gov's aggressive action and investment to the industry. 100K Genome Project.
    • Genome England new office will be in Genome Campus with Trust Sanger, EMBI EBI (Europe Bioinformatics Institute).
    • Illumina new Europe HQ office in Cambridge.
  • "Seven Bridges" rapidly growth.
    • New San Francisco Office in US, in 2016. Expanding Belgrade Serbia office.
    • Work with UK, US governments.
    • Many analysis tools.
  • Linux Container tech such as Docker becomes popular in the Genome industry.
    • Container service: Seven Bridges, Data Biology(Databiology - Home), and etc.
    • Roche's case for using Docker container.