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A Happy New Year 2016

Recently I am staying in Malta.
It is on January 1st, 2016 now.

In 2015, I could experience to stay many Europe countries, and almost spent the time in Europe in the year.

  • Singapore (Stayed past 3 years here.)
  • Vietnam Hanoi
  • Spain Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Ronda
  • Germany Munich
  • Austria Innsbluk
  • Czech Republic Prague, Karlovy Vary, Brno
  • UK London, Cambridge
  • Poland Warsaw
  • Hungary Budapest
  • Croatia Zagreb, Rejika, Opatija, Krk island, Split, Dubrovnik
  • Montenegro Kotor, Budva, Podgorica
  • Serbia Belgrade
  • Malta Malta island

I thank for this chance. I was very lucky.
Though actually I have never known Europe well, I could know Europe more through this trip.
I also had a change to consider about my life deeply.

By the way, this long trip and flowing life style are going to be finished after 1 month.
Then I will return to Japan only for 1 month, then separate from Japan again.
Finally I am going to initiate new adventure in Europe in 2016.

It is a beginning of a new cycle of "Separation, Initiation, Return".