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Why did I meet many Russian in Montenegro more than Croatia?

I moved by the order of

  • Croatia Split
  • Croatia Dublobnik
  • Montenegro Kotor
  • Montenegro Budva

I am in Budva, Montenegro right now.

I may upload the photos in the future.
However I would like to write one interesting topic this time.

I often met Russian here in Montenegro, both Kotor and Budva.
I am staying in one hostel right now with 3 persons.

3 persons are all Russian. and they are independent for each other, not same group.
So, I asked them why many Russian are here, in Montenegro?

The answers are

  • By Russian, Montenegro is free sightseeing visa country. For example, they want to go to Croatia, they need visa, and need to pay some money to get it.
  • Montenegro has coast.
  • Montenegro's used language is "Serbian". That language is similar, with Russian language. They can understand a part of the Serbian language.

It is interesting fact.