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How to stay comfortably in Warsaw, Poland

After I stayed in Warsaw, Poland.
I found that.

There are several public transports such as overground train, metro, tram, bus.
But metro is most easiest to use, and move to another area.

According to metro in Warsaw, there are 2 lines, M1 and M2.
M2 looks short line, maybe it will be expanded in the future.
M1 is practical.

If you have a change to stay in Warsaw, I recommend you to stay near metro station area.

Right now, I am at Mtociny, north end station of M1.
Several minimum restaurant, cafe, super market where is less than a few minutes from current house. Here is nice area.

Now I am writing this blog at the cafe in "Mtocity" where is 1 min by walking from house.

Cafe near Mtociny station

Near East Warsaw station

Polish Jews Museum

Vegetables Juice at the cafe in Central station.