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Tranport in Warsaw, Poland

I am in Warsaw, Poland.

This country and city is little hard for visitors, because almost train or metro station, no staff.
And no English guide.

When you visit this city, Warsaw, you need to know some public transports.

  • Overground train
  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Taxi

Key station is Warsaw Centrum (Central) station

  • Overground train

This is its map.

  • Metro and Tram

This is the map for Metro and Tram.
Fat red and blue line means metro.
Blue is M1. Red is M2.
Number's line means tram.

  • Bus

I do not know the map :)
I could not find it at this map page.
other maps - maps and schemata - ZTM Warszawa

  • Taxi

Easy way, but expensive.
30 mins : 25 - 50 zloty (PLN)