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Favorite place "Andel" in Prague, Czech Republic

This week, I am staying in Prague, Czech Republic.

Prague's good points are

  • Food is tasty, and cheap than Germany and Spain which I went by this trip.

It has many kind of food including Thai, Vietnam, and Chinese food.

  • Beer and Bread are very cheap than Japan.

Small bread: 10 Kc = 0.5 SGD = 40 JPY.

  • Girls: super cute.
  • I will recoomend the place north of Andel metro station as a long staying place. There are big shopping mall (Novy Smichov), Climbing Gym(Lokal Block), nature park, and river. Best place in Prague for me.

Also I went to the Bouldring gym and bar "Boulder Bar" in Prague.
There is also Google Prague office near there.

I also went to Karovy Vary, Czech Republic which is popular as hot spring.

The church near Prague castle

Nature park near Andel metro station

Big shopping mall "Novy Smichov"

Czech traditional food


Mashroom Soup (1F Itarian restaurant of Království Železnic building near Andel metro station, and Google Prague building)

Boulder Bar(Bouldering and Bar)

Lokal Block (Bouldering and Bar)