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European bouldering competition in Innsbruck, Austria

I was recently in Innsbruck, Austria to watch the Bouldering (Climbing) European competition.
I love Bouldering. It is simple, and deeply exciting sports for me.

I really enjoyed to watch it as a visitor.
And I talked with the person who like climbing there, whom I met there.
That was exciting time!!

You can watch its video on youtube from following web site, if you are interested in bouldering.

And I also went to the climbing gym in Innsbruk city for my training during this term.
It is not opened officially, but I could use it for free for staff's help! and it was very nice climbing gym!!

And I climbed to the top of the mountain "Hafelekar" 2334m.
It was easy to reach, because I used cable car to reach there.

I used bus to move from Munich to Innsbluck.
It was one way, 8 EUR. and 2 hours.
The bus was heap, useful, and comfortable.

Climbing competition, Adam Ondra from Czech Republic!

The mountain "Hafelekar"

Climbing gym near Stadium bus stop station in Innsbruck