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Nature and technology in Munich, Germany

This week, I am staying in Munich, Germany.

People take care of nature.

It looks many outdoor shop here.
Is it related to what it is near Alps mountain?
Many people enjoy cycling and running on week end.
Healthy food, and supplement in the shop.

I went to the biggest climbing gym "Bolderwelt".
It is 1 min from Ostbahnhof station by walking.
When I went there on Sunday, it is little crowed.

I like nature, and exercise, especially indoor climbing.
It is good that there are many people who has similar value with me.

Germany technology

I went to the Germany Museum.
There were submarine, airplane, and many machine.

And I went to the Munich AWS(Amain Web Service) user group.
I felt its meeting is high level. Beer was free in the meeting room :)

It is saving money to buy food at super market.
Wheat Bread: 1, or 2 EUR => it is enough to eat 3 time eating.
Iberico Ham: 1.9 EUR

I like this city. I can stay here for a long time.

My one concern is clothes fitting for me may be nothing.
because I checked pants on one outdoor shop. but even most small size, it is little big for me.

One guy was playing "Waltz No. 2" in front of the castle (first photo).

Near Marienplatz station

Healthy breakfast at Cafe Mozert

Climbing gym "Bolderwelt"