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Japanese restaurant in Valencia, Spain

This week, I am staying in Valencia, Spain.
I moved from Barcelona.

Valencia's one day's temperature was 27 degree! I feel hotter than Singapore, though Singapore's temperature is around 30 degree.

I watched movie "Avengers Age of Ultron" in Barcelona.
That was voice: original (= English), and subtitle: Spanish (or Catalan?)

I ate Japanese food in Valencia. The shop name is "UDON".
And I ordered Yakisoba 10 EUR! It looks like instant noodle.
Maybe we can eat it by 3 EUR in Japan.

Though Japanese food looks popular than other Asia country's food, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and etc.
Still it is rare, unique food.
Almost European is not similar with Japanese food.
So, that is reason of Japanese shop can sell it by 10 EUR.

I also went science & art museum. I like cosmos!

Its museum looks being run by ESA (European Space Agency).