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Mendel Museum & Czech traditional show

Mendel Museum It was sunny. 2008: Project 1000 Genomes - the aim is to map variations in the human genome and its comparison. It is the map of all possible SNP and comparison for ethnic and genotype? It looks exciting. [1] Czech traditiona…

Describe Genome as a Animation

It helps to understand Genome behavior to describe it as a animation. See its presentation, and

Genomics 101 - Barry Schuler

A presentation about Genomics in 2008. I am excited and motivated for that. It is also good as a gate to the Genome

Genome Editing, Open Strategy, Anti-Aging

Summary about Genome Editing. Genome Editing & the Engineering tools. Editing Genome was hard, and unreliable work, though the engineering tools, ZFN (Zinc finger nucleases), TALEN (transcription-activator like effector nucleases) have bee…

Festival of Genomics London

I visited "Festival of Genomics London" in ExCel London Exhibition Centre, at January 20th, 21st, 2016.Genomics is one of my hobby.My impressed points Climax of Cambridge and Genome Campus in Hinxton, south of Cambridge are the centre of G…

Study in London and Cambridge

Cambridge Below photos are about Genome Campus in Cambridge Hinxton. I came here to study Genomics. This time is 2nd times. Genome Campus is the area with several Genome institutions, and companies such as "Trust Sanger Institute", "Europe…