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Genome (base pair) size and gene number by Organism

As I installed Trinity RNA Seq tool, I want to do de novo sequencing to something. Genome size is base pair (= bp) size, not gene number. As to check the behavior of Trinity, small genome size (base pairs) is better. I found this NCBI's pa…

Convert Markdown file to PDF file on Mac


I was looking for how to covert from a Markdown file to PDF file. After finding a Stackoverflow page [1], I found markdown-pdf [2]. Install Install Nodejs at first, download "10.13.0 LTS" for Mac. $ which node /usr/local/bin/node $ node -v…

Install and test Trinity, the De novo assemble tool

This article is about how to install and test Trinity RNA seq de novo assemble tool on Mac OSX [1]. Install Seeing Trinity .travis.yml [2] is good to know it. First, we need to use a compiler supporting Open MP [3] (= Open Multi-Processing…