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Nanopore Day@EMBL Heidelberg

The reason I visited Heidelberg was because of Nanopore Day, the community event held by Oxford Nanopore Technologies. The event was held at the EMBL office. That was good opportunity to know both EMBL Heidelberg and Nanopore. Easy route i…

Heidelberg, Germany

This time's route: Brno, Czech - bus (student agency) or train - Prague, Czech: 2 hours 40 mins (same time for bus and train) Prague, Czech - bus (Flixbus) - (Germany, Frankfurt - bus (Flixbus) -) Germany, Heidelberg: 7 hours or 8 hours 30…

How to convert PDF file to PNG file with high quality on Fedora


Here is the way to convert PDF file to PNG files (1 PNG for 1 page of the PDF) with convert command, according to [1]. Maybe output image file type are recognized automatically from the file extension name ".png". $ convert \ -verbose \ -d…