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Love Avinguda Diagonal (Diagonal street) in Barcelona

Avinguda Diagonal (Diagonal street). This street may be the most favorite area so far. Why? I can relax because of a few people, a big space, many cafe with enough space, nice fitness gym with pool, healthy cafe and market, shopping malls,…

Brown Rice in Barcelona

Let me share you where we can buy brown rice in Barcelona El Corte Inglés The “El Corte Inglés” in front of Catalunya station is very crowded. So, I will recommend other El Corte Inglés shops in other area to buy brown rice. At the top of …

Barcelona east tram area

I walked from Hotel W Barcelona to shopping mall Diagonal Mar (Address: Avinguda Diagonal, 3, 08019 Barcelona, Spain). There are 2 tram areas on west and east of Barcelona. Those area are an local / business area. My impression is West: fo…

Barcelona La Boqueria foot market

Accustomed Boqueria foot market. I visited many times there. The photo is from my past several travels this month, last month and last year. Let me introduce my favorite shops and an restaurant.