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A good day in one bouldering gym

I started my training for the bouldering again in Brno, Czech Republic. It was tough training, as it is long time no see it.And I could get the lesson with my coach. I was very happy for that. It was a quite helpful for me. I am going to k…

A life in Brno, Czech Republic

Cheese! Meat! Vegetarian foods Vietnamese food

A day in Bangkok, Thailand

I spent time for a day in Bangkok, Thailand for the transit of my airplane. The airplane from Tokyo Japan to Bangkok Thailand, and one from Bangkok Thailand to Vienna AustriaTheir airplane fee were same price. I wish Japan's airplane becom…

A memory in Kamakura Japan

Photos in Kamakura, Japan. It was a wonderful memory. Good bye Japan. See you next time.

Foods in Tokyo and Nagano, Japan

I stayed in Japan a few weeks for my tasks. I had a good time there."Oyaki", in Nagano, Japan. Soba noodle in Nagano. Ramen noodle in Nagano. "Gyudon" Beef rice in Tokyo. "Yakitori" (grilled chicken) restaurant.