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Install memory leak check tool: valgrind to Mac 10.9


I want to use the tool to check memory leak for C program in Mac.I am using Mac OSX 10.9. There is one tool "Valgrind", it is Valgrind This tool is supporting Linux and Mac OS X. But OSX is for only 10.10.But I found o…

Azure Wiindow in Gozo, Malta

Azure Window is in the west coast of Gozo island. And I guess there is the most popular place for sightseeing in Gozo island.I recommend Malta (Malta island, Gozo island) as a 2nd Europe travel. I recommend Barcelona as a 1st Europe travel…

Amazing Gozo island in Malta

This week I was in Gozo island, Malta. You can go to Gozo island from Malta island by Ferry.When you go to from Malta island to Gozo island by ferry, it is free. You need to pay when you go from Gozo island to Malta island.During the ferry…